AGDC 2008 – Day 3

Today was the Career Guide Seminar, which is absolutely a must for a student!
If you are serious about getting into the game industry, then you need to save your pennies and attend GDC. There’s no way around it.

The Career Guide seminar, offered session on resume writing for game designers. There was a mock interview session where you’d get question by HR reps from real game companies. There was a Q&A session with HR reps from game companies. Many game designers gave lectures about the dos and don’t of getting into the industry.

There was just so much info which a lot I tell you in class… but I think it actually sinks in when a real game developer tells you.

I’ll go over more details about what I learned in class on Tuesday, but really consider asking Santa for money this year to buy your ticket to GDC it really is a foot in the door to your game design career.

AGDC 2008 – Day 2

Well day two at ACDC was another full one.

Today I was able to attend another session on storytelling. This lecture was presented by the creative art director of Tomb Raider Underworld. He discussed issues with the character Laura.
That her original storyline was designed for a single game, but there have been many games since then. To compensate the game designers decided to give Laura a back story that motivated her actions. Another issue that Tomb Raider designers face is that many players see Laura as a Hero, and just as many see her as Anti-Hero, to make both fans happy, they develop seniors where Laura acts like a hero or anti-hero given the situation. This causes some character confusion.


In the end the lecture, Tomb Raider Underworld still teases weather Laura is good or bad, because the designers can’t agree. The purpose of this lecture was really some of the pitfalls that designers make when developing characters, such as they did with Laura.
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AGDC 2008 – Day 1

Well day one at ACDC was a full one.

There are several track of lectures at AGDC one of which is writing, and since I like to write, I decided to attend a few of those.

The big talk throughout all the writing lectures was the move to interactive stories. Many lectures fantasized about the holodeck from star trek. They kept saying that the first mini version of this such technology would be out by 2010 and build into a new industry of interactive games.

Chris Crawford on of the founding members of AGDC game a lecture on “Moving Games to Interactive Stories” where he said that in most games players have a set number of phrases or behaviors that the AI characters can translate and react to. But the future of storytelling will be that any thing you are capable of doing the AI characters will understand and be able to react to, thus changing the outcome of the story.
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