Today Adobe announced the CS4 releases of their software applications, affecting basically every program they make.

Adobe won’t say when the actual purchase date for the software will be, but they did release all the information on the new and improved features of each software. Back in May Adobe posted “preview versions” of its Dreamweaver Web design software, Fireworks image editing application, and Soundbooth audio editing tools.


As for Photoshop CS4, Adobe has said publicly that it will make available a 64-bit version of the photo-editing software, but only for Windows and not for Mac OS X.

Information on all the products in the suite can be found at

You can also watch videos from Adobe TV demonstrating the new features in each software application.

The current rumor is that CS4 will be available in October or at least by Christmas. Whenever it does release, one thing is for sure, it’s will still be the leading software in Digital Design.

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