I’m so excited about Adobe CS3 collection that is about to be released. Over the past few month I have been working with Adobe Photoshop CS3 beta version and I’m really impressed. The new layout is easy and clean. Features like “Black and White” give you more control over desaturation, while the new selection tools make selecting items even easier than before.

When Adobe first bought out Macromedia there were a lot of concerns as to what they were going to do with the products. The first release simply took Macromedia Studio and shipped it with Creative Suite 2, but not this time. Macromedia Studio is now fully part of the Creative. Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash all have a look and layout of Adobe products. More compatible between the software has also been added.

My favorite software Flash, now uses Actionscript 3 and allows for importing illustrator and Photoshop files while still retaining vector layers such as paths and text. Animation tweens can be saved out as action script snips and can be applied to many other movie clips. Another nice feature is allowing embedded animations to be exported into quick-time movies and easy import to Adobe Premiere.

Adobe also is now providing e-seminars discussing the new features and packages for Creative Suite 3. I’ve been attending a few, and although they are mostly a long commercial, you can ask questions and get a little more idea of the new features.

For more information check out Adobe.com

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