Okay if you don’t know I’m a huge Avatar the Last Air Bender fan, and I’ve spent all week watching the marathons of avatar all leading up to tomorrow night’s big series finally. I think this last season can’t compare to season two. Season two had more big battles and more drama and some growing up in each character, especially Aang. This season, after the day of black sun, Aang almost seems to have reverted back to his childlike personality of season one, plus these last few episodes have been too humorous and predictable.


Tonight’s episode (Ember Island Players), was made just for the fans and had little to do with the main plot. I’m wondering if the creators watched the fan video Avatar the Abridged Series on youtube, a lot of the parodies mentioned in tonight’s episode where done in the fan video.

One thing I’ve thought about was a comment Zuko made to Aang in yesterday’s episode of the Southern Raiders. He asked Aang if he was prepared to kill the Fire Lord. I thought about it because can they really have a child kill an Adult on Nickelodeon?

Here are my thoughts,

Zuko can’t do it because he’s the Fire Lord’s son so it wouldn’t look good
Aang’s all about forgiving and peace… and he’s the hero, murder would look bad on him

So personally I think there are two logical things that can happen:

A. Fire Lord accidentally dies. He falls. Disney used this none murderous death for most villains. It’s would also be fitting for the Firelord, after all
that’s how most Jedi’s die and Mark Hamil plays the Fire Lord’s voice.

B.  Iroh shows up and kills the Fire Lord. He’s old and a former war general and is committed to bringing balance back to the world he helped tear apart.

I like senior B, especially since we have no idea where Iroh is since he escaped prison.

The next thing to think about is Azula, what happens to her. Again Zuko couldn’t kill her, the last episode he had remorse for her when he thought she was going to fall to her death. So again we have to possible scenarios that could occur:

A. She dies by her own hand. Backfire fire blot or slip and fall… yes falls are typical for villains.

B. She sees the battle is lost and disappears. This way she could come back in a few years with a new army…. Who else would make a good villains for a future Avatar Reunion.

Well, those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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