PC World listed Mozila FireFox 2 as one of the best products of 2007, and why not? FireFox has hundreds of great features, not to mention it’s free. As a web designer I choose FireFox over IE any time.

FireFox is able to read style sheets the way they are supposed to be read, thus those viewing this site in IE will get a banner explaining that IE isn’t displaying the site properly and a link to download FireFox.

Why is FireFox better? It makes sense! FireFox has features that IE 7 is only now integrating. Features like the built in spell checker and tab view make searching the web easier. Add-on’s like the web developer’s tool bar or the FTP tools make it ideal for Web Designers.

And if FireFox 2 wasn’t enough FireFox 3 is on the way. New features include better Add-on capabilities, save web pages as pdf, pause and resume downloads. Not to mention a private web browsing mode, that clears cache and history, helping keep your computer and information secure.

I’m really excited about FireFox 3 and can’t say enough about how great FireFox is. If you don’t have it download the latest release here.

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