Traditionally graphic communication has been defined as communication through graphics and graphical aids. This definition is not only obvious but is also ambiguous. However, I feel that this definition is somewhat limited as it does not really take into account modern mediums of graphics such as both print and digital or static and dynamic.

When it comes to the study of graphic communication, universities look at it in two ways. The first is that it is a long-standing art form, therefore it is taught in the art departments and focuses on the theory of design and meaningful messages. Then again some schools see it as a technology where it is taught in the technology department and focuses on the tools (software) that are used to create the content. The problem you’ll see here is that graphic communication is really both an art and a technology and students need to know both!

Thinking about the type of graphics and the study of graphic communication, I decided that I would develop my definition of graphic communication. Some people (possibly even some colleagues) may disagree with my definition, but I feel that it really defines graphic communication as it applies to the topics which I teach; that being mainly web and interactive content. So, how do I define graphic communication?

Graphic Communication is communication through the use of multiple forms of graphic media; such as images, video, animation and typography; combining art and technology in order to communicate a meaningful message to the audience

I’m curious to get your thoughts and opinions on what you think about this definition. I’m also wondering what does “graphic communication” mean to you?

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