Adobe Photoshop has recently started a contest to find the next Photoshop evangelist. A Photoshop evangelist is basically a guru who promotes Photoshop through, presentations, tutorials and such. As a professor in graphics at PSU, I use Photoshop on a daily basis, and it’s one of my favorite software as well. Naturally when I found out about the contest I knew I wanted to be the next Photoshop evangelist.

The submission video could only be two minutes and had to be over a “hidden gem” in Photoshop. I thought about some ideas that I could present on, and in the end I choose to talk about the Kuler panel and creating Actions. Technically I could have submitted more entries, but since I was short on time I only submitted the two presentations.

I would really appreciate it if everyone out there could help me win by liking my videos through Facebook at:

Also if you just want to watch them I’ve embedded them below:

Action Panel

Kuler Panle

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