Day two at AGDC started with a session on Premium Flash Games. The talked focused on developing high quality flash games for profit. They also pushed the idea of selling in game items instead of subscriptions. Good gameplay, open ended story social networking all make for good flash games.

Another talk I attended was on developing games for teens. This session described how the average teen has a little time to play games. Thus games that can be played in short intervals is key. Also teens like to socialize, so social networking in games is a must. Finally, teens don’t have money, so the games marketed to this age group should be free. However, like in the flash lecture, profit can be made with in game purchases.

Finally I spent most of the day on the exhibit floor. Several companies were hiring, such as EA sports, Bioware and Cartoon Network. I asked what they looked for in hiring game designers, especially for art, animation and modeling. All pretty much said they look for raw talent, lot of sketches and concept art, and only your best work!

That was it for today, more to come tomorrow.