A couple of weeks ago I finally got a chance to see Disney’s Frozen, and I have been meaning to write this review for some time.

The movie was okay but it did have some issues and to explain the issues, I’m going to have to reveal some of the stories. That is why I waited until now to write this review, hoping everyone has had a chance to see the movie. Of course, if you haven’t seen the movie, be warned this is a “spoilers alert”.

Before going to see this movie I really didn’t know what to expect. The only trailer I ever saw included the snowman and the moose and no real plot or scenes from the film.

The synopsis indicated that it was about two sisters Anna and Elsa. Elsa being having magical snow powers and Anna must go to find her. Right away I started feeling like this make me a copy of the Tinkerbell movie “Secret of the Wings”. Thinking Anna would one day discover that she has a long-lost sister who just happens to live in the frost Mountains and has magical powers.

Periwinkle and Elsa have some similarities in design.

Periwinkle and Elsa have some similarities in design.

Happy to report that was not the case. The opening of the movie showed the bond between the two sisters. Elsa is the oldest and has magical snow powers. While the two sisters are very close, Elsa’s magic causes Anna to have an accident, which thereby forces the parents to separate the girls. Elsa feeling guilty for harming Anna, decides to limit all contact with her sister.

Elsa after accidentally hurting Anna with her magic.

Elsa after accidentally hurting Anna with her magic.

I really like the opening and how it shows the progression of time and the bond between the sisters, though frayed, is still there. The real meat of the film begins 10 years later, after the death of the parents and on Elsa’s coordination day.

While this opening sequence is fairly well-done let’s move on to the issues I have with this film. Starting with some minor issues and then into my biggest issue.

First, this film is a musical, and in a musical, the songs are meant to help tell the story, especially the emotions and inner thoughts of the characters. While the songs, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”, “For the First Time in Forever”, and “Let It Go”, do a good job of adding to the story, the rest of the songs are complete fillers.

The song "Bit of a Fixer Upper" fun, but doesn't move the story forward

The song “Bit of a Fixer Upper” is fun but doesn’t move the story forward

Don’t get me wrong many of the other songs are good, they just don’t help to tell the story. Most are just a little silly and almost forced like we had to have a song at this point in the film. Kind of the same problem I felt ‘The Frog Prince” had.

My next issue with the film is the character, Prince Hans. I mean who asks a girl they just met to marry them, This obviously meant that he was using her to get the throne, right? But then again he sang that cute song with Anna, bad guys can’t sing cute songs.

And there’s the fact that he was so generous and helping the people of Erindale after Anna left him in charge. He seemed genuinely concerned about what happened to Anna after she went missing and wanting to keep Elsa alive when they went looking for her.

Prince Hans, a bad guy, who you don't want to be bad.

Prince Hans is a bad guy, who you don’t want to be bad.

By midway, through the film, I felt there was no way he could be bad, or at least I didn’t want him to be, he seems so nice. However, my original feelings will be confirmed near the end of the film, when it seemed his personality completely changed and he was so willing to let Anna die and kill Elsa.

It didn’t make sense to make a character so likable and still be bad. The bad guy is supposed to be bad from the beginning. Even in Beauty and the Beast, Gaston, while not a typical bad guy, is identified right away in the opening by his vanity and jerkiness. as the bad guy. In Frozen, however, Hans sang that cute song, why must he be a bad guy?

Another issue I have with the film is time. While the opening sequence showed a progression of nearly 10 years, the entire rest of the story takes place in about 24 to 48 hours. Somehow I just don’t see an individual who has been sheltered from any other contact and is feeling guilty for almost killing her kid sister so many years ago, and who then freaks out, turning the entire kingdom into a frozen nightmare and then nearly killing her sister a second time, would suddenly be okay within 24-48 hours. This just makes no sense, she needs time. Time to feel free from the pressures of being queen. Times away from having to worry about Anna, time to be to accept her snow powers.

Elsa in her ice palace.

Elsa in her ice palace.

Okay, I can accept the extra songs in the movie. I can even accept that Hans is a bad guy and that maybe for some reason Elsa overcame all her issues within 48 hours. The one thing I can’t accept is the act of true love.

When Anna comes to bring Elsa back, Elsa gets mad and pierces Anna’s heart with ice. Later it is revealed that Anna will now turn into a frozen statue unless an act of true love breaks the spell. Immediately the characters assume that she must be kissed by her true love Hans, but of course, we know if I know that he’s a bad guy. But wait there’s Kristof and they had little connection, so maybe he’s her true love and should kiss her. However, what happens is that Anna sacrifices herself to save Elsa, thereby breaking the spell.

Wait you can’t break a curse yourself. In what fairytale does this happen? Besides the act of true love, it should be done by some who so far hasn’t officially confessed their love. This is why Anna can’t break the spell. From the beginning Anna showed nothing but true love for her sister, wanting to play with her every day for the past 10 years, going after her after she left and cause such mayhem, and ensuring that everything was going to be okay if she just came back. I mean aren’t these all acts of true love, why must she complete another one to break the spell?

If anyone should show an act of true love to break the spell is Elsa herself. After all, she’s been so cold to Anna all these years, it would be nice for Anna to finally see that Elsa does care, and ultimately it was Elsa who cursed her, so why not have her break the curse and sacrifice herself in place of Anna?

Now that I’ve told you all the issues with the film let me move on to what I like to call:

Frozen How it Should have Ended

Okay, so the first half of the movie is pretty much the same. Elsa has the coronation, Anna tells her that she and Han want to get married. Elsa freaks out and freezes over the kingdom before running away. But Instead Anna doesn’t immediately go after her sister. It turns out the entire gates to the city are frozen shut and no one can get out, the royal court insists Anna take charge and help the people of Erindale.

The diplomats who are now stuck there are getting anxious to leave, especially the Duke of Weselton. Anna is still worried about Elsa, but Hans is by her side through all of this. However, Hans starting to get somewhat annoyed by some of Anna’s quirks, let’s say by the way she grinds her teeth while she’s thinking or something.

Here's where Anna and Hans meet in the film

Here’s where Anna and Hans meet in the film

So, now it’s been a week or so since the frozen gates, and the progression of time can be established in dialog, someone saying “Princess Anna, it’s been a week since Elsa has left and there is still no sign of her”, then just as this comment is made then enters Kristof, who has returned to Erindale from being on an ice run the week before. He brought it to Princess Anna, after commenting on the town that he had a hard time making it back into town after the freak snowstorm and an ice castle suddenly popped up in front of him in the mountains.

Once Anna hears about the ice castle she knows it must be Elsa, so she insists that Kristof guides her to the castle. Hans, of course, is worried about this decision and suggests he tag along, but instead, she leaves him in charge of the Kingdom.

Along the way Anna and Kristof meet olaf the snowman.

Along the way, Anna and Kristof meet Olaf the snowman.

So Kristof and Anna go on their little adventure, which is much like in the film. They have a bit of a love connection while she tries to explain why she’s in love with Hans, but can’t seem to find any real reasons. Then, of course, they meet up with Elsa, and like in the current film Anna gets struck in the heart by Elsa’s ice.

The difference here is that after this Anna’s personality begins to change a bit. She no longer seems happy-go-lucky, instead, kind of bitter and noncaring. Almost like she has a frozen heart.

Meanwhile, in Erindale, Hans is completely overwhelmed by being in charge and just can’t stand everyone turning to him for answers. He is also somewhat concerned about Anna, if not just so she can take over. So, anyways, he decides she’s been gone long enough and should go after her. The royal court and diplomats disapprove of him wanting to go, especially the Duke of Weselton, whose nagging caused Hans in a moment of stress to leave him in charge while he goes to find Anna. After all, he seemed to insist on knowing what was best for Erindale, right? However, this move was exactly what the Duke was wanting, and instructs his henchmen to assist Hans on his quest, while everyone’s backs turned to make sure none of them return alive.

The Duke of Weselton

The Duke of Weselton

Since Hans doesn’t know where Anna is at this point they make their way to Elsa’s ice palace, where there is a battle, the Duke’s men try to kill Elsa, but Hans stops them only for the castle to crumble and the next thing we see is Elsa and Hans trapped in a snow blocked cave, a mess of what’s left of the castle.

At this point, Anna’s heart is as cold as ice and she now has blond hair like Elsa, and Kristof knows that something isn’t right. Anna insists on him returning her to Erindale where she will be queen since, after all, Elsa was no good anyways. After dropping her off in Erindale, the Duke mistakes Anna for Elsa and declares she must be imprisoned, after all, he wants to be in charge. Also at this point, Anna’s cold heart slowly begins to freeze her body. Kristof who now has feelings for Anna must find Elsa, for only she can reverse Anna’s fate.

Back in Elsa’s crushed palace where she’s trapped with Hans, they seem to do some bonding of their own. Hans explains that being the youngest of 12 brothers he just wanted to have something they didn’t. Every time they attended a royal ball or the like, one of his brothers walked away with the beautiful princess. He just for once wanted to beat them to it, and that is why he hastily proposed to Anna. He also sympathizes with Elsa and the duties that lay before her, he in no way feels like he’d be ready to take the throne at his age (which happens to be the same as Elsa’s), and suggests that Elsa would make a fine Queen.

Elsa and Hans

Elsa and Hans

At the same time, Elsa reveals to Hans her insecurities about being queen and a good sister. She also explains how she feels cursed by these powers. While Hans says something to the like “You don’t seem like a bad person, maybe you did put the entire kingdom of Erindale in an internal winter, but that could happen to anyone. After all, it’s not the powers that matter, it’s what you do with them that counts.”  It is by this comment that Elsa discovers that it’s not her magic that she should be afraid of, after all, it’s what she does with it. So, with that, she gathers all of her strength to finally get them out of the trapped snow.

Just then Kristof finds Elsa and Hans and explains what has happened to Anna. In no time they rush back to Erindale. Back in town Olaf, the lovable snowman has helped Anna escape the prison that the Duke has put her in. Once the Duke discovers this, he decides to put an end to Anna himself, who he still is convinced is Elsa. When Elsa arrives with the guys they find the Duke chasing Anna, who can no longer get away because her body is becoming more frozen. Hans rushes to go to Anna, so he can kiss her and break the spell, but slips and falls on the ice. It is instead Elsa who makes her way just as the Duke is about to strike Anna with a sword Elsa swoops in front and blocks the blade with a frozen shield and by freezing the Duke.

Anna, whose body is nearly all encased in ice, looks at Elsa, and says” You saved me”. Elsa looks back at Anna and replies “That’s what big sisters are for”. But it is too late Anna is now fully encased in ice. Both Hans and Kristof run to meet the girls only to find Elsa crying at Anna’s side. Then Elsa wraps her arms around Anna’s body in a warm hug and whispers to her “Do you want to build a snowman”. Just then the ice encasing Anna melts away and Anna replays “Yes”.

Elsa and Anna

Elsa and Anna

The movie wraps up with Elsa returning to Erindale and bringing back summer. The diplomats can leave Erindale and one agrees to return the Duke of Weselton to the proper authorities for his actions. Later Anna thanks Kristof for his help by getting him a new sleigh, and there is obviously a love connection between the two. Then Hans lets Elsa know that he and Anna have decided to call off their marriage, but he doesn’t intend to return home right away. Elsa gives a smile to Hans, yes you guessed it they seem to have a love connection of their own going on. Then the film ends with Hans saying something by the like of ” Well I guess the evil Queen wasn’t really evil at all, in fact, you could say she was the hero of the day”.  “You could say that” Elsa responds and smiles again at Hans.

And that my good people are how the movie should have been! Both girls find love, and the bond for each other is the true love that saves the day!

Okay, now it’s your turn what did you think of the movie? And what do you think of my alternate storyline?

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