Since it’s winter break I have had the opportunity to catch up on my anime watching.

Hulu is a great place for finding new anime. Especially if you want to view with the original Japanese audio with subtitles, they offer a good selection of shows that are subbed.

Recently while searching for a new show I came across Tamako Market. I couldn’t help but think it would be humorous from the image on Hulu, that portrayed a young girl and what looked like an “Angry Bird”, you know like from the mobile game.

Tamako Market is all about how a girl named Tamako life is turned upside down when mysterious talking bird comes home with her.

Tamako lives with grandfather, father and younger sister in the Usagiyama Shopping District. The family owns and runs the Tama-ya mochi shop. (Mochi is basically a rice cake).


Tamako, her sister and various characters from the shopping district

One day Tamako brings home as talking bird named Dera Mochimazzwi, whose last name happens to translate to “bad tasting mochi”.

Dera explains he is the bird belonging to a prince in a far off island and he is on the search for the prince’s bride.

Despite Dera’s important mission becomes fat and lazy eating too much mochi and enjoying life with Tamako and her cast of friends.


Tamako and her friends along with Dera

The 12 episode series is pretty light-hearted and mostly deals with daily life in the shopping district often made a bit upside down by the shenanigans of Dera.

Although the series is mostly just the daily lives of the characters, throughout the series there is some mystery around Dera and his mission. Then the last few episodes are all about announcing who the Prince’s bride is and the arrival of the Prince himself.

I kind of wish there were more episodes than 12, but it does tell the overall story in that amount of time.

In the end, I really like the light upbeat characters and casual feel to the series and recommend this show for a relaxing fun watch.

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