K-On! is a cute series about a group of girls that start a rock band as part of their student club. The series begins with Yui Hirasawa a slight dip, who mid-semester of her freshman year is encouraged by her long time friend to get more active in school by joining a club. Yui doesn’t really have any hobbies and since most clubs already have a click doesn’t know which one to join. Then there’s base player Mio Akiyama and best friend Ritsu Tainaka a drummer, who has started a rock band club but is soon informed by their faculty sponsor, Sawako Yamanaka, that the club will be disbanded if they don’t have at least four members. Ritsu, self-proclaimed club president goes on the offensive to find new members and soon recruits piano player Tsumugi Kotobuki, but that leaves a fourth member. In answer to a flyer for the club, Yui decided to inquire about joining although she doesn’t play an instrument and has no musical background. Desperate to keep the club alive they allow Yui to join.

Yui doesn’t want to disappoint so she decides she will take up the guitar. With some help from Tsumugi who turns out to be a rich heiress to a music store, is able to get a guitar for Yui. The group doesn’t expect much from Yui, but to their surprise, she seems to have a talent for music after all and teaches herself to play almost over night. Soon the group is writing songs and practicing like a real band. They later discover that their club sponsor used to be in a rock band herself and blackmail her with some old photos of her rocker days ( found in the club closet) to help them practice for the school festival.

In order to perform at the festival, they need a singer, though they agree that Mio has a lovely voice, she declines to offer when Yui volunteers. With the help of Sawako, Yui once again shines as a signer and the band is set. The only thing left is to pick a name for the club. Since most of their club time is spent drinking tea and eating snacks provided by Tsumugi than actually practicing they eventually decided on the name “Afternoon Tea Time”.

The rest of the series is just a bunch of light-hearted events that surround the girls when being faced with practice and the occasional live performances. The second season of the show begins with a freshman, and guitarist, Azusa Nakano joining the club. Azusa, though their junior is more of a perfectionist, having musician parents, and tries to keep the band on task, with little luck.

The thing I like about this series is that it’s not only funny and cute, but there’s no heavy drama or romance. The focus is on the girls, their friendship, and the music. Speaking of music it’s really good, not to mention most of the band’s songs are about food, which I think is not only cute but hits me right in the heart.

I’d say this series has a cuteness Azumanga Daioh but is more down to earth and practical. If you’re looking for a light-hearted anime with good music, this is defiantly one you’ll want to check out.

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