What would you wish for if you could wish for anything? What would you sacrifice for such a wish?
These are the same questions that are presented to Madoka in the anime Magical Girl Madoka. I recently watched this series on Hulu and hear are my thoughts.

The series is a cross between your typical cute magical series and something like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. At first, it starts out with Madoka and friends when they came across a magical familiar (cat) named Kyubey, that presents them with the opportunity to receive any wish they want in exchange they will be given magical powers in order to protect the world from evil beings known as witches.


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Madoka is intrigued by the prospect but wants to make sure she makes the right wish. Before Madoka can decide she is warned by a transfer student named Homura Akemi, who warns her not to trust Kyubey. Madoka’s friend Sayaka has already accepted the offer and soon they discover the secret which Homura warned them about.

It is soon revealed that the Magical Girls not only have to battle the demon like witches but each which they battle rewards them with the power to continue fighting and there is even a darker secret about why they must continue battling for more power.


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As the series progresses it is revealed that Homura is not only a Magical Girl but one from the future come to change the past.

This series is quite good and takes a different approach to the typical magical girl series and demonstrates that there is a cost to all actions.

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