In efforts to help my intro students get a better understanding of what skills and knowledge Designers in any creative filed need to know, I have started a sort of case study. My goal is to have various designers from various design fields, and get their input as to what design students need to know.
I am looking at designers from any design industry including: graphic design, web design, film special effects, animation, game design, digital media, digital art, car design, fashion design, architectural design and so forth and so forth.

My hopes is to compile a list of skills, knowledge and tips that can relate to any design filed, and note commonalities between designers. Already I have asked local (Oklahoma) designers to participate in this study, but I would now like to broaden my efforts to reach anyone out there in the design field. My only request is that you have been in the design field for at least 3 years.

If you are interested please feel free to complete the questioner below and send it back to me at:
Once the case study is complied I will be posting my findings on my website.


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