I recently had the opportunity to present at the 13th Annual Oklahoma Global Education Conference. The conference itself is to help community college educators provide more global aspects to students learning. This two-day event was spectacular and very informative.
My presentation was entitled “Digital Design for a Global Audience”.

As the world becomes more connected than ever, digital designers are faced with the task of designing content that can communicate their message to individuals around the world. Because cultures around the world interpret verbal expressions, images and colors differently, designing for a global audience can be very trying for a designer. In this session we will examined some of the different cultural design trends, problems, and solutions in digital design, taking a close look at both web and video game design.

Digital Design lends itself to a global audience, and simply because of the type of media it is, it becomes more accessible.
When preparing a global design, designers should consider cultural issues, including:

  • Language
  • Symbols and Icons
  • Color
  • Stereotypes
  • Religion

Below is the PowerPoint presentation I prepared for on Digital Design for a Global Audience

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